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Building Your Custom Site for You:

Custom Website Objectives:

. Rank well in Search Engines based on the merit of the site
. Get visitors to your web site
. Make your site appealing and easy-to-use once they get to your site
. Make your site professional in appearance to reflect your professionalism
. Encourage results from your web site
. Focus your site on what your visitors want and need
. Make your site clearly show advantages and benefits of becoming your client
. Make your site bring in business directly or indirectly
. Make sure your website has the most information people are looking for

Internet marketing, web development

Custom and semi-custom websites that deliver Internet success.

Our concept of being a web developer goes beyond graphic design.
We believe the best websites that get results consider:
User-friendly navigation
Design for future expandability of the site
Use of existing assets from other marketing pieces
Creating a relationship between the site and other existing marketing pieces
- - ("brand/name recognition"),
Getting responses from users
Minimization of load time
Website optimization of all visible and internal elements for search engines and spiders
Initial basic search engine submissions
Editing or creating solid content - user information and search engine effectiveness
Identifying your user and your market
Prudently using animations, backgrounds, graphics, and photos to enhance the site
Minimizing use of effects or elements requiring special programs
- - (except for youth audience targeted sites)

We put it together to target your market, and work with you towards your goals to create not just a web presence, but a highly competitive website for you. We can talk about what these mean for you.

These concepts apply to our brand new websites and remodeling.

For a great looking, great working and great ranking website,
We can help you put it all together for you for great results!

Web developer vs. web designer

As a website developer, we build into your website the strength for high search engine rankings- built-in website search engine optimization, particularly easy ways for folks to navigate your site, on-target content, ways and means to satisfy your web visitors which encourages sales, bookings, or responses and make the website produce the results you expect. Web design is sometimes limited to the physical appearance of the website, and can be in conflict with the overall site objectives unless the website design artist recognizes the greater importance of the content, usage and technical requirements of the website- unless you are marketing to youths or teens. A highly competitive website design is much more than a pretty "face" - it must deliver results.

Dibbern & Dibbern internet marketing and web development, developers

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Let's talk about
your website goals

How can we help you?

Return on investment goals for your website

  • Generate inquiries (leads) leading to sales
  • Build  web traffic to reach more of your market - get your business know
  • Build a promotional base by getting names and email addresses from site results for you to use in direct email marketing and promotional campaigns to increase business
  • Reduce repetitive phone information time spent by providing the right information on the web site, increasing your time available for responses leading to results
  • Make your website your most profitable advertising tool through good internet marketing
For website visitors:

Website visitors should get the immediate impression you are professional, yet friendly.  People must be immediately intrigued by the site, but also must get answers the basic questions in their minds- without having to write or call to ask you. Visitors must be able to find the information they want easily (navigation) and be able to ask additional questions easily.

Mapping - a blueprint for your website

Dibbern & Dibbern will provide an initial site map for approval. This map will afford your administrative web person understanding of the way your entire site works together. The map specifies each page in the plan and the general content of the page. The map also show navigation through the site. You may add or subtract pages from our initial mapping until we reach agreement on the initial number of pages and content in the site.

Contact us to get the full story on:
Time line/Production Schedule
Planned growth considerations
Practicality and Productiveness
Finding your site on the web - Integrally optimizing your website for ranking
Optional Aggressive Search Engine Program to jump-start your website
Photo Prep and Art
Content - the heart of your website
Hosting and domain issues
Initial primary search engine submissions
Monthly maintenance or turnkey sites

How much does it cost for a custom website?
Asking how much does a website cost is a lot like asking how much does it cost to buy a pair of shoes, or a car, or groceries. It depends on the special features you require, how big or small a website you need,what you will have in it, and the quality of site. Quality in a website is measured in results. Results come from all the factors in our concepts shown above. We're not a cheap web developer, nor an expensive web developer - and certainly reasonable for what you will get!
We do not simply plug information into a website template and hope for the best.


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