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What is marketing?
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It's about your customers!
Dibbern part 1: Marketing is figuring out everything you can about your potential and existing customer/client/ or guest (travel related) which may include determining an age range of the user of your product or service; if men, women or both are more likely to buy your product, the income level of those likely to buy your product, do they want quality or price, and anything else those likely to buy your product have in common. Who are they? They are your market. This is building a profile on your customer (or whatever you call the people who buy your product or service)

Part 2: Marketing is figuring out what your customer (or whatever you call the people who buy your product or service) wants or needs that your are trying to sell. Collectively, people most likely to want, need, buy or use your product is your market. An example is that an eight year old boy is not likely part of the market for diapers. A new mother is most likely part of the market for diapers. This is pretty obvious market identification. Some markets are much more difficult to determine.

Part 3: Marketing is determining how to appeal to your your market. Find the right message and how you present the information you give your market. (extreme example: for instance mortuary businesses for the most part would not do well with jokes about death, or or a cute/cartoony site. Bereaved people (their market) usually are sad or serious and need comfort, reliability, and even guidance conversely, a brewery may do well with jokes, razzle dazzle, fun, and an upbeat theme). This seems obvious in the extreme, but marketing your product may not be so easy.
This appeal aspect may include elements to decide on "Sizzle" or "Steak" which means - should you sell based on the technical characteristics of your product or service, or place (travel) or should you sell on the benefits someone will derive from your product or service, or place (travel) ?
Dibbern part 4: Marketing is planning or figuring out how to best get your message out to your market. This may include brochures, store displays, trade shows, print ads, direct mail, and the web to name a few depending on your business. We will focus on the web- that's web marketing
Using the information above, web marketing and search engine marketing use the same principles applied differently.

The difference between sales and marketing is that marketing is showing you how to sell to your potential customers and identifies who they are, while sales actually goes and does it. © Jo Dibbern

If you aren't marketing savvy, you likely look at your business from the perspective of what you have to sell and how much you sell it for. Marketing analyzes your potential buyer and tells you the best way to sell to them.


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You can take years to learn all about marketing, for instance at Northwestern University, or Abilene Christian University!